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Review: JJ Grey & Mofro at Revolution 11/2

November 5th, 2013 -

photo 3Photos by: Zielinski Creative


JJ Grey & Mofro left veteran fans renewed, and newcomers converted in a 3+ hour energy infused show of horn-laden, harmonica-enchanted, southern rock at Revolution Live on Saturday night. As the last stop on their River Tour, JJ Grey & Mofro cut it a little looser than usual exciting fans with a taste of what’s to come. “This the last show of this tour, man. We only got a couple little shows in the middle; other then that we ain’t do anything til New Years Eve. So I think we can get as crazy as we want to, we can drink as much as we want to cause it’s our day off and you ain’t got shit to do,” explained JJ as he swigged the Makers Mark whiskey bottle and passed it around to the band.

photo 4


JJ Grey & Mofro kicked off their high-energy performance showcasing “99 Shades of Crazy” from The River album, which was JJs sixth studio album released this spring. The River was named for the St. John’s River — a centering point for JJs childhood near Jacksonville, Florida. The next song was one of my all-time favorites (especially to sing in the shower),  ”A Woman,” reaching the audience in an impactful, wistful and twangy way that only JJ Grey & Mofro can deliver. The setlist included many songs from The River album, but also featured fan favorites from past albums: Brighter Days, Georgia Warhorse, Orange Blossoms and Lochloosa. Patrons could feel the incredible chemistry between musicians with sit-in performances from  Thomas Wynn (guitar), and Chris Bell (harmonica) of Thomas Wynn and the Believers, the opening act.


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The second to last song was a soulful “Lochloosa” as JJ encouraged the audience to sing in repetition “Homesick but it’s alright, Lochloosa is on my mind, she’s on my mind” bringing aficionados to all new heights. Bursts of resonating cheers exuded from South Florida fans as they shared the heartfelt lyrics “another country club, another gated community”. The boys rocked it out Florida style and left it all. They finished the encore with “On Fire,” leaving the audience aflame and completely satisfied, but always wanting more.




“99 Shades of Crazy”
“A Women”
“6 Ways”
“Brighter Days”
“Country Ghetto”
“Somebody Else”
“Sweetest Thing”
“Writer A Letter”
“Hide & Seek”
“Your Lady”
“Everything Good”
“Slow Hot Sweaty”
“Ho Cake”
“On Fire”

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Stacy M. says:

Any chance you got what they played after “On Fire”? They came out a third time and I dipped just a few minutes early…so I can’t stop wondering what else they played (and how much longer, too, if you got that info). Preesh.

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