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Photo and Video Highlights of Widespread Panic at The Fillmore 11/5

November 6th, 2013 -


Last night Widespread Panic graced Miami Beach with their presence at the The Fillmore leaving in their wake a trail of dropped jaws and blown minds. Not all the patchouli and backwards fraternity hats in the world could have slowed down WSP from melting as much face as they did during their two set performance. Known for their road warrior spirt and beautiful blends of multiple genres of music, WSP have been satisfying audiences since the late 80′s. John Bell’s raspy southern voice warmly invited the crowd closer with every word he sang and it seemed as though everyone in the venue knew that something special was happening. My favorite moment of the night was the almost shamanistic vibe that the band laid on the crowd during their epic nearly 15 minute performance of “Visiting Day”. The way the lighting was piercing the crowd behind a soft red backlight literally was putting me in a trance. As the band flowed through their set of fan favorites like “Blight” and many extensive, impressive, improv jams, I gained an overwhelming appreciation of how tight this band plays together after 20+ years. Even more satisfying for me was how much fun the band looked like they were having, especially during the last song of the night when they performed “Ride Me High” with openers Bobby Lee Rodgers and Roosevelt Collier jamming along. During one of the windiest days of the year, WSP certainly did not disappoint an elated Miami crowd who showed their appreciation by dancing all night long.

Download the entire show


1st Set
Send Your Mind >
Stop/Go >
Solid Rock
Taildragger >
Hatfield >
Cotton Was King
*Visiting Day >
Thought Sausage >
Travelin’ Light

2nd Set
You Should Be Glad
Provin’ Ground
Pickin’ Up The Pieces >
Climb To Safety >
Jam >
Drivin’ Song >
Blight >
Drivin’ Song >
Breathin’ Slow >
Big Wooly Mammoth >
Pleas >


Introduce Roosevelt And Bobby Lee
*#Ride Me High
* With Roosevelt Collier On Slide Steel
# With Bobb


Videos courtesy of CHeeSeHeaDPRoDuCTioNS

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