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Local Spotlight: Jean Jacket

October 4th, 2013 -

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With EDM being all the craze lately, it’s a special thing when an electronic band creates something outside of the trend. The wired, head-bobbing, mechanical beats and melodies from Miami’s Jean Jacket meet this criteria. They opt more for interesting sounds than instantly gratifying soundscapes. However, staying musical is a constant: grooves continue onwards as creator Harlowe G. and his musical partner Steph Taylor make synthesizer dissonance that doesn’t take away from vocal hooks unique to their sound. South Florida Music Obsessed was able to ask the duo a few questions about their recorded music and their flashy live show.



What inspired you to make your stage show psychedelic and artistic in the way that it is?

Harlowe: Well, I always envisioned visuals being part of the live show since the beginning of this project. I had the luck of having visual artist, Victor Mussachia, taking it upon himself to come up with real trippy stuff. He basically took footage of things like waves, palm trees; nature, and added colors and effects creating something that’s like organic-meets-synthetic, and that’s really the core of the project too. The next album will have visuals as well, maybe from different artists, but I definitely don’t envision the stage show without them.


What kind of gear do you use live?

Harlowe: I’m Running Ableton live off my Macbook with a midi keyboard and my vocal cords, of course.

Steph: I am playing live synth bass and atmosphere with a Microkorg XL and an Alesis Micron.


How do you think the Miami art and music scene has influenced the sound of your music?

Harlowe: It has influenced it 100%. I think Miami is ahead of the curve as far as art and culture. If it wasn’t for Miami, this project wouldn’t exist, really.


Any plans for the both of you to get into the studio and record together since the first started out as a solo project?

Harlowe: We’re actually re-releasing our last album on Decades Records in November, and currently we are working on an EP and album, that includes Steph’s playing, singing, and writing. I’m very stoked to hear the difference in the music from the influence she’s bringing to the table.


Which bands or artists do you listen to the most often, and which of them influences your music?

Harlow: I listen to everything, all kinds of genres. A lot of Hip Hop. Basically, if I hear sincerity in the music I can vibe to it, whatever style it may be. Currently I am listening to a lot of Canyons, Destroyer, Poolside, Sleepover, Gayngs. The last albums sound has a lot of influence from bands like Crystal Castles, Neon Indian, Empire of the Sun, Washed Out, and Ghostland Observatory.

Steph: Similiar to Harlowe, I listen to what sounds good to my ear and that definitely transcends a variety of styles and era’s of music. There is so much easy access to hearing music online now, it’s hard not to be discovering new stuff all the time! Though I have to admit, I’m a real sucker for the oldies and people like Patsy Cline or The Flamingo’s just never get old to me.


Who are you looking forward to seeing at III Points next weekend?

Harlowe: Miami Horror for sure!… and yeah, I know they are not from Miami lol.

Steph: YACHT ( I love me a duo!)



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