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Throwback Thursday #11

May 23rd, 2013 -


One of my favorite cover songs OF ALL TIME, The Sonics doing Richard Berry’s “Have Love Will Travel” is simply addictive and perfect. In 1965, The Sonics took a doo-wopy track and transformed it into a deliciously loud and danceable garage jam. With equally buzzing vocals and crunching guitars, it stands as a musical testament for the band- some of the more underrated proto-punkers of the 60′s. The Sonics just got it so right with this one, and Larry Parypa’s vocals are straight up ROCK ‘N’ ROLL duuuude. The Black Keys did a cover of the song in their 2003 album Thickfreakness, but- no disrespect to the Keys- no one will ever top this one. The Sonics concocted some sort of an evil spell with the song, making it pretty much impossible not to dance at least a little. As for me, whenever I listen to it in the safe walls of my home, I go full out freak machine, jamming spastically and shouting the lyrics (not the prettiest sight). I’ll love this song forever and know you will too.


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