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Review: Block x Blog Festival 4/20

April 23rd, 2013 -


So it’s Tuesday, and I’m still not sure if I’m fully recovered from the Block x Blog festivities. Physically, I’m spent, but mentally I just kind of miss it. The feeling of community is one that is hard to let go of, and Saturday night it was a prevalent one. With 30+ musical acts, from our favorite local bands to national acts like Holy Ghost!, the music kept us going all night long, while the tangible nostalgia brought us back. The night was wild and hot and perfect, so here’s a breakdown of some of the things that made it special.



You know you’re at Block x Blog when: 

-A tornado warning rings in the night, but people show up anyways. (Fuck the rain)

 -You walk into Green Room and floppy disks tagged with band names from the lineup hang like stars from the ceiling.

 -While in between sets, The Dead Milkmen, Fugazi, and Pixies play back to back in America’s Backyard and you’re not the only one who knows ALL the words.

 -Bands like Suede Dudes and Krisp play overlapping sets and GODDAMMIT WHO DO I SEE??

 -You go back stage and see a large Kermit The Frog and a pretty scary pigeon head mask hangin on the couch like it’s no big deal (which would later be used on stage by Afrobeta- duh)

 -You end the night booty dancing with 2/3rds of Jacuzzi Boys

 -The Goddamn Hustle’s front man has a costume change (boxers with a hamburger pattern over white sweat pants, and an American flag bandanna on his head? okay) and joins rapper Bluebird onstage for an impromptu performance.


rickolous Rickolous


Overheard at Block x Blog: 

“…that would be a great porn star name”

“Dude, wanna go play sonic with me?”

 “So, I heard you’re trying to cop. What are you looking for?”

“Have you seen Phil?” (-everyone in the Subculture Staff at some point)

 “Do we get free drinks since we’re in the band?”

“I’ve seen you on Instagram before!”


 plains Plains


Number of hours it took to get someone kicked out of America’s Backyard for being way too drunk: 2

Number of people I saw successfully play 8-bit basketball: 2

Number of people I saw try to successfully play 8-bit basketball: too many to count.




Number of Times I actually saw CEO of Subculture, Phillip Roffman not running around like crazy: 3?

Number of times I probably flashed someone because of wearing a skirt while dancing to Jacuzzi Boys: Oh god I don’t even want to know.


gunhoes1The Gun Hoes


Band that I wish more people arrived early to see: The Gun Hoes. They rocked.

Band member with the best body hair: Anthony Hernandez of The Gun Hoes. He rocks.



lil-daggersLil Daggers



Best band to match the gloomy weather: Lil Daggers. This band is moody in a desirable and seductive way, kind of like the rain- right?





Best set to disco dance to: Millionyoung. People got down and dirty for Mike Diaz and co. Quite frankly, I had trouble staying still to snap photos since I really just wanted to boogie it up.




Best set to slow groove to: Krisp. Yeah, I saw all you slow jammers, getting sexy on the dance floor.





Most appropriate use of a fog machine: Suede Dude’s set. In almost all other occasions the fog machine was superfluous, but it seemed to work with Suede Dude’s loud and stormy sound.


jacuzzi-boysJacuzzi Boys


Best set to seriously let loose and get wild: Jacuzzi Boys. Though Holy Ghost! was probably the headliner of Block x Blog, Miami’s own Jacuzzi Boys really stole the show Saturday night. People got down right embarrassing, but in a really great way.  We thrashed and pushed and yelled and danced- it was a sweaty mess. At one point my button up denim vest popped open (ugh) which would’ve sucked in any other situation, but once I heard the opening chords to “Cool Vapors”, I fixed up my shirt like my life depended on it and proceeded to make a fool of myself.

Best on stage gear: Afrobeta. I mean, Kermit the Frog, a pigeon head and teddy bear sneakers? Doesn’t get much better than that.



5 things I learned after Block x Blog: 

Subculture, Consequence of Sound, Black Locust Society and all others involved can put on a hell of a party.

I should probably reassess my wardrobe next time.

Floppy disks make for great spacial decoration.

Diego Monasterios of Jacuzzi Boys can really get down (8th grade dance style).

South Floridians should be proud of their music scene, Fort Lauderdale and Miami alike. ONE LOVE BRO.

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