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Throwback Thursdays #1

March 7th, 2013 -


Hello, music lovers! Welcome to my new mini column, Throwback Thursdays. Yes, just like when you hashtagged that totally cute picture of you and your dog back when you were an innocent lil youngin’, we too will be taking a look back, musically! Every Thursday, as old polaroids and family portraits flood the internet with their grainy nostalgia, we will highlight the songs that made us laugh, made us cry- and maybe both. Those oldies that have stuck with us for one reason or another. Whether it’s a sweet 60’s classic, an 80’s video that makes us laugh out loud, or a 90’s jam you pretend to not know all the words to, every Thursday we’ll  crack open the musical time capsule, and break it  down for you old school.

For the first installment of Throwback Thursdays, I decided to bring back INXS’s “Don’t Change”. This song is just straight up catchy. And is their anything wrong with that? I think not. It’s one of those songs that really gratifies the dancey part of your brain (that exists, right?). The guitar/keys riff is pretty fucking poisonous, I often find myself humming it while doing laundry. Plus, how cool does  Michael Hutchence look in this video? He’s got his super cool sunglasses on to protect his eyes from the dangerous laser beams of ROCK AND ROLL. Since this video, he has passed away (bless his soul) and in 2005 the rest of the band decided it would be alright to make a reality TV show to search for their new frontman. Rock Star: INXS was crammed with cliches and dramatic pauses by host Dave Navarro. T’was not one of the band’s finest moments, but hey! If ever the thought of that show pops into your mind, at least we can play this song and drown out the sad realities of today with the sweet and satisfying memories of yesterday.

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