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Throwback Thursday #3

March 21st, 2013 -


So, remember that one Sheryl Crow hit from back in 2003, “The First Cut is the Deepest”? You do? Well guess what! She didn’t write it! And get this-the original recording is totally bad ass and kind of one of my favorite songs ever. It was originally written by the legendary Cat Stevens, and released by a lovely lady by the name of P.P Arnold in 1967. When Cat heard Arnold sing his song, he liked her version more than his (which would eventually be released as a demo) and so do I- sorry Cat! Arnold’s voice is hideously underrated, completely capturing the soulful tone of the times, and onstage she glows like a 60′s queen. This song is addictive in every sense. With it’s perfectly paced build up by way of strings, horns, and a harpsichord , her high range vocals that soar over the beat, and simple yet perfectly heartbroken lyrics, this song stands it’s ground amidst a flurry of hits from the time- and it is totally replay-able. “Baby I know” you will love this song if you’re a fan of 60′s girl groups (uh, who isn’t?) and generally great music. I wont lie though, as much as I’d love to take sole credit for digging up this gem of total-jam history, I have to admit that the reason I brought out my musical magnifying glass to find this track, was because of it’s use in the 2012 film, Seven Psychopaths (which was awesome by the way)


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