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Review: Perpetual Groove at Culture Room 11/30

December 4th, 2012 -

Photos by: Gary Gordon

At 11:11pm on Friday night, Perpetual Groove hit the stage at the Culture Room in Ft Lauderdale for one of their Florida stops on the “Fend For Your Life” tour. Perpetual Groove (or PGroove as their fans affectionately coin them) threw down a spellbinding live show to a highly evangelized and dedicated fan base. PGroove’s music has evolved into a genre-extending, extremely unique sound with hints of jazz, R&B, electronica, progressive rock, psychedelia and classic rock.

Their large catalog of original music and diverse range of covers, appeals to a wide number of tastes. But half the experience is derived from the vibrational frequency between like-minded devotees that consumes any un-activated synergy in the room and unites once disparate entities in harmony and lyrics. Their avid fans are known to follow the band from state to state, show to show, to experience the transcendent sound, mystical vibration and intense light shows.

Destiny Spang of Brotherly Love Productions, music aficionado and devoted PGroove supporter explains the fan connection. “For me, one of the things that sets PGroove apart from other bands in the scene is their connection to their fans. They give 100% to their fans, both on and off stage, and that’s incredibly special. When you look around the room during certain songs like “Sweet Oblivious Antidode,” or “It Starts Where it Ends” you can see the die hards who know the lyrics, some with their hands on their hearts sharing a special moment with their friends. It’s a feeling that stays with you long after the show is over” said Spang.

You could sense the heightened anticipation and excitement of the fans when Lingo rocked as a very impressive opening act, which included jamming “Hello River” with their friend Brock Butler of PGroove. It was nice to have a little elbow and breathing room to take in Lingo fully with their on-point collaborations; ripping guitar solos, stirring vocals, and wistful lyrics. But it didn’t last long. Before the Lingo set was over, The “Culture Room” had quickly began to resemble the “Culture Closet”, as patrons have named it on occasion for their infamous “over-crowded” shows.

PGroove kicked off the night with “Up the Beach” overtaking the audience with a captivating light show and vibrational groove that literally altered the audience from something disconnected to a wave of amassed heads bobbing in unison in a free-flowing, family oriented, energetic exchange. There were peaks and valleys, dips and blips, but the fans were fully engaged right up through the second encore. For me, it was really PGroovy.


“Up the Beach”*
“Out Here”
“Two Shores”
“Holy Ship”
“Detox Mansion”

2nd set
“A MiliTwist”^
“Stealy Man”
“All My Friends”
“Mr. Transistor”>;
“Green Light Go”>;
“Glok Jam”>;
“Mr. Transistor”

“Sweet Oblivious Antidote”
“Clap for the Killers”

*first time played Janes Addiction cover


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