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Review: Little Beard and Chris Taylor DJ set at Bardot 12/7

December 9th, 2012 -

With our yearly visit of Art Basel, audiences from all over the world get the opportunity to discover the top notch pieces of Miami Culture. Whether it be it’s insane traffic, lack of parking, and extreme exclusivity– Miami sure as shit makes it’s city feel like home.

Tongue in cheek comments aside, Friday was a testament to what local natives like Bardot can add in addition to such an occasion. With Little Beard. shoe gaze, dream pop, french pop, and any other genre of “pop” you can imagine filled the lounged room from the catalyst of the carpeted stage.

At this point within a Friday night at Bardot, you have experienced the ultimate involvement, action, and performance from an artist/group. Little Beard.’s niche is that their sound provides their audience a landscape of nostalgia of once upon a time new wave while having an extremely satisfying energy from the actual members of the group… most specifically front woman Sarah Attias. If you missed their performance, no need to cry over spilled milk as you can check out Little Beard next Thursday (Dec.13) at Miami’s Lester’s. Good times to be had folks.

Little Beard aside, the night consisted mostly of a Macbook Pro, potted pink Orchid plant, and what many thought to be Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear. What was on his playlist? The enticing elements of R&B which many would argue would be a central element of Grizzly Bear’s sound. That was about it.
Yet, what made the night all the more novel was it’s actual enjoyment. The crowd was there. We had the foundation of great music by bands and alienated members of indie rock groups. Conversations were had around drinks. Sounds like Art Basel.

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