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Review: Rubblebucket at Bardot 10/26

October 28th, 2012 -

Rubblebucket brought out one of the most lively crowds Bardot has seen in response to a band that is NOT an electro pop dancey groupAll of Bardot, a place that can many a time host a more social and less active crowd, completely cut lose and got so funky on Friday night. I’m pretty sure I saw more crazy white boy moves there than at any EDM show.

From the second Rubblebucket took to the stage, accessorized with a circle of LED lights hanging from their necks (which reminded me of the clock Flava Flav wears), their energy was instantaneously infectious. Just like the lights that shone across our faces, their spirit spread like wildfire to everyone willing to let them in- and that was a good percentage of the place. Right as they began their set, the crowd immediately bounced to the rhythm as all members danced spastically on Bardot’s infamous paisley carpet. There were eight of those band members, so obviously the sound was incredible. Each player was more than capable, and it was pretty impossible to keep still with all that brass collectively blaring.

One key member of the brass section as well as vocals, was Alex Toth. The other was Kal Traver, she sang lead vocals and played saxophone. Together they were the ring leaders to the whole extravaganza and lead the band as well as the audience in crazed dance sessions. It was a kind of dance off that was deep set in the knees, a very grounded kind of groove. Rubblebucket’s moves rubbed off on us until we found ourselves bumping and shaking in a way we’d rather not have other people see. What truly made it a show to be remembered though, was their total determination to break through to every person in Bardot and make that connection worthwhile. Probably the most memorable of that effort, was when Alex climbed up on a super fan’s shoulders and played his trumpet while being Conga-lined throughout the venue. I’m very sure that has never, ever, happened there before. And people went nuts for that shit! I mean, why wouldn’t they?!

Shortly after playing the bubbly crowd favorite, “Came Out of a Lady,” Kal, Alex and trombone player, Adam Dotson took their instruments and played them loud as can be as they sauntered (with fans close behind) into the audience and towards the exit. Upon arriving at their merch table, right next to the bathroom, they continued to play a short instrumental jam. Those who’d lingered far from the carpet were now crowded in with the band and dancing away. Rubblebucket brought an unmatched amount of energy with them to Bardot, and the fun was contagious. Whether you were a mega fan who knew every single word to every single song, or just a lucky passerby, Rubblebucket made your being there a precious gift.

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