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Seth Troxler at Mansion 9/6

September 7th, 2012 -

Photo Credit: Jose Martinez

Known for his quirky persona and describing himself as a “total rave case,” Seth Troxler is a straight shooter as soon as his hands touch the decks. Growing up in Michigan with parents who were involved in the Detroit music scene exposed Seth to house music at a very early age.  By the time he was 16, he was playing Detroit clubs, throwing his own warehouse parties, and working at “Melodies and Memories,” a record store where he was known as “the techno guy” and gained extensive knowledge on a variety of genres. His early exposure and involvement in the scene influenced his eclectic taste that resonates in his DJ sets, his own music, and the music released on his label Visionquest.

With that being said, it is very hard to determine what flavor of music Seth will play during a set; they are always a mystery. Sometimes he will play dark minimal techno (think Richie Hawtin) and sometimes he will bust out funky and soulful digs (when he plays with Jamie Jones), but there is always a taste of acid house in any set; it thrives in his soul. Growing up in suburbs of Detroit he was part of the “acid house culture” and says he was part of “the end of the rave generation.” But the raves didn’t end—they just moved from abandoned warehouses to fancy clubs, like Mansion in Miami.

With a man who has played at every club and festival imaginable around the world, I wasn’t sure what kind of music he would dish out at Mansion. I was in the bathroom when Seth started, but I instantly knew it was him. His cerebral dance cuts are a force to be reckoned with—they send your mind swirling as the unwavering bass rolls you in and out of sub-consciousness. The crowd was electric and it was hard not to feel the thrill of it all with Mansion’s new killer Funktion-one sound system and millions of dollars in laser lights that put everyone in a subliminal trance.

“Seth wowed me with his eclectic yet cohesive style, bringing the best out of Mansion’s sound and the crowd kept things equally funky on the dance floor. It was the least “South Beach” I’ve ever felt on South Beach,” said Aleah Axiom, local Miami DJ and member of the band OrganicArma.

As the night progressed and the crowd started to wane out, Seth only threw down harder and even pulled out some records. His set was an amalgam of old-school acid house, high-energy techno, deep percussive house, and even some ethnic and tribal dance cuts. Everyone was having a blast and just enjoying the music, which is what Seth is all about.

Music is Seth’s entire life, so much so that after he played for hours at Mansion, he made his way to the Electric Pickle where Shonky was throwing down. This was completely unexpected, as Seth usually is, and the two played a back-to-back vinyl set until 7 A.M. Talk about dedication and passion for the music—that’s what Seth is all about.

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