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Review: By Way of Wes Anderson at Green Room 9/22

September 24th, 2012 -

Photos by Rebecca Bulnes

Last Saturday, Subculture hosted “By Way of Wes Anderson,” an event celebrating the whimsical works of the iconic filmmaker. Held at the Green Room in Fort Lauderdale, the space was transformed into an interactive gallery with art inspired by the works of Wes Anderson, live face painting, live screen-printing from the Fine Print Shoppe, and a photo booth presented by Digital Cypher Photography and Ian Witlen. Live music was provided by Saskatchewan and Levek, both performed pieces from selected soundtracks.

Guests flooded the space in costume and everyone was experiencing the best kind of sensory overload. There was so much to look at, as various mediums of art themed from Wes’ famous films covered the walls. Music flowed from the DJ booth in between the live band performances and local vendors sold themed items like shot glasses and freshly silk-screened shirts. Riverside Market provided delectable bar bites that kept people coming back for seconds. At 11 P.M., Saskatchewan performed a set that kept everyone on their toes—some songs were slow and mellow, while others were funky and got the dance floor going. As the night progressed more people began to arrive, Levek took the stage shortly after 11:30 P.M. The band consisted of 5 very talented musicians and they played music from their upcoming album, Look a Little Closer.

I was very excited to see them perform after recently discovering this rising group a couple weeks ago. Their new album sounds like a gumdrop dream, full of colorful sounds and sonic textures that tickle the eardrums. I was so impressed with the album and curious to see how the music would translate in a live atmosphere. While they were able to reproduce the beautiful sounds I had heard on the record, at times it was hard for them to keep pace. They rushed through some of the songs and seemed a little out of sync. This is the first time I’ve ever said this and I didn’t think I ever would, but they really could’ve used a laptop . I respect the organic reproduction of the sounds and the musicianship of all the members, but the performance would’ve gone unhitched with a laptop metronome and maybe leaving some of the more ambient sounds to be played through music production software. Other than that, Levek created an atmosphere that was as magical as Wes Anderson films and it lingered with guests for the remainder of the night.

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