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Review: Sincerely Yours, Marty McFly

July 16th, 2012 -

Photos by LP

Picture this: You’re strolling up to a Cinema, built in 1951, and as you get to the ticket booth- there it is. The DeLorean, the car turned time machine that drove Marty McFly to 1955 (A few years after our said theater was built), and back again to 1985 in Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future. In that same year, a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal meet in detention “supervised” by the abrasive Mr. Vernon in the John Hughes classic, The Breakfast Club.

Slightly confused and yet totally amused by the sight, you’d gaze up at the marquee and in black bold letters you’d read:




After exclaiming that those were two of your favorite movies ever, a few questions would presumably arise; What is Subculture? How much are tickets? Where did this DeLorean come from? Is this real life?! Subculture, you’d find out, is CEO Phillip Roffman’s effort to bring together communities and provide an outlet for them to thrive and connect- and yes, they are the reason for the very real event that was Sincerely Yours, Marty McFly.

Early on Saturday evening, the last of the $10 tickets were snatched up early, and The Classic Gateway Theater hosted Subculture’s second major event, a sold out one. Upon entering the lobby and away from the enchantment of Doc Brown’s time traveling vehicle, there was a cluster of booths and vendors- from The Fine Print Shoppe screen printing t shirts for the event, to a photo shoot area carrying Back to the Future accessories directed by photographer, Ian Witlen. The attendees, ranged from pierced up 18 year olds, to couples in their late 40‘s and early 50’s (a predominant figure), reminiscing the first time they’d seen the films in theaters.

At 9PM on the dot, a preview for another 80’s classic, Flashdance gave the already full theater that saturated 80’s glow, and the night was set. The first movie to play was The Breakfast Club to which the audience mouthed the lines to a script that was practically imprinted in their brains forever. And as the final scene arrived and John Bender raised his fist into the air, the audience mimicked the gesture and began to sing along to Simple Mind’s “Don’t You Forget About Me” as they slowly piled out of their seats.

Though the lights never went up, Suede Dudes were up next to play as an intermission. They (somehow) set up their instruments in the dark of the theater, and slipped into a fuzzy garage/surf rock-y set, and even slipped in a cover of the aforementioned classic Simple Minds track, slightly slowing it down and giving it that echoey Suede Dudes touch. Behind them, on the movie screen, was a montage of various tacky 80’s advertisements which offered up many laughs, and at times guided the audiences eyes away from the band playing.

Suede Dudes weren’t the only musical act that night though, and next up was South Florida’s own (recently signed) trio, Beach Day. They swayed through an energetic set that served up some of their best 60’s surf rock tracks, getting the audience’s heads bopping and feet tapping. They closed their show and gave a suitable intro to the next film, playing a nostalgic rendition of “Earth Angel” which would be played in the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance scene of Back to the Future.

As the DeLorean reached 88 miles per hour and Marty McFly zoomed out of 1985, the audience leaned back in their seats and we too were taken on a trip through time, bidding farewell to 2012 until the credits began to roll. Stepping out of the theater, talks of “old times” commenced, and a weight of nostalgia lifted as our yearning for a good 80’s fix felt more satisfied than ever.


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South Florida Music Obsessed says:

[...]  No strangers to Subculture, Suede Dudes are a sonic hailstorm. Along with Lil Daggers, they produce some of the most delightfully slow moving yet tumultuous sounds, like grey clouds rolling in, they are dripping with the sweetest gloom. I can personally assure you that their sound will swallow you whole, seeing them live creates a whole other creature of noise- one buzzing and breathing with melancholic color. On Record Store Day, not only will they be bringing their music on stage, but they’ll also have new tapes for sale! [...]

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