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Review: Audio Junkie’s Independence Day Bash at O Cinema

July 8th, 2012 -

Photos and videos by LP

There’s a certain magic that happens when the right people come together at the right time under one name, for one cause. On this 4th of July, Audio Junkie and Jolt Radio teamed up with O Cinema to host a celebration of not only our country’s independence, but the righteous independence and freedom we can have in our music community when we come together and support it.

To start off the day, quite possibly one of the most simultaneously adorable and talented local bands, The Anthropologists of Nosy Mangabe, piled into the open garage area and played a sweetly swayable set that kickstarted the sun soaked day. Just indoors, Audio Junkie’s “Episode X” played on a loop throughout the day when bands weren’t inside shaking the walls and starting a ruckus. The episode shows The Anthropologists’ visit to the local nudist colony where they a played a few songs, yes, in the nude. The footage offered up a few giggles but ultimately was received with respect, the members walking about fully clothed and essentially unaffected.

While bands played inside, Audio Junkie’s DJ Benton spun some wax and kept the jams rolling while music fans and local lovers perused their table which held the aforementioned “Episode X” as well as mix CDs, pins and cassettes available for purchase. Inside, The Astrokats and Maskera cranked up the volume and warmed up the audience for a completely juxtaposing band that followed, Miami’s own Arboles Libres. With their soaring guitars and bilingual lyrics, they quite accurately personified what you could expect an alternative band from Miami to sound like, but do so without being predictable.

Setting the bar high for an energetic performance, Arboles Libres handed the stage over to Toad Eyes, who’s newly evolved sound exploded throughout the theater, gliding over multiple genres that make them a hard band to categorize. Whether playing a bass driven jam or a crescendoing call and response track, their music fluctuated provocatively, immediately bringing about a clumsy mosh pit of fans dancing uncontrollably.

From that point on, O Cinema took on a new life as the sun disappeared from the sky. The rest of the night followed suit, and music lovers jammed to their favorite local bands from Deaf Poets and PLAINS to Snakehole and Rat Bastard. Outside, cheap fireworks were lit and clusters of people chatted over the music that continued to blare from the speakers.

It was, to me, a pivotal night for Miami’s ever growing music community. It displayed the endless variety of our local bands, as well as how cohesively different projects like Jolt Radio and Audio Junkie can work together. Because ultimately, everyone involved shared a common goal of bringing together the like minded music and art of fans of Miami. Leaving O Cinema, with it’s walls still quaking from reverberation and the air stained by the smoke from sparklers, I couldn’t help thinking that events like this should happen way more often- and I know I’m not alone in that desire.


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