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Interview: MOVEMENT

July 17th, 2012 -


Geography, at times, can be a tricky and teasing thing. I for one have often longed for a present day Pangaea, a world where bands could simply take a train to any and every city without the burden and hassle of crossing ponds. MOVEMENT, an electro pop duo from “the land down under” (Australia) are making it no easier to bear that incredible distance with their infectiously danceable sound that seems to be perfectly suited to Miami’s thriving EDM community. But alas, the phenomenon known as the Internet has merged us together, acting like our own virtual Pangaea of sorts.

MOVEMENT consists of two Aussies named Sean Walker and Jesse James Ward, and upon downloading the gem that is their debut track “Santa Verona” I was lucky enough to get in contact with them and get the earliest scoop on what could be North America’s new Gotye and Kimbra (two native Australians). “Santa Verona” instantly merges a resurrected 70’s disco groove with present day electronic sensibilities. This refreshing blend makes MOVEMENT contagiously endearing and damn hard to resist dancing to.

According to the musicians themselves, the project came about through getting drunk and chatting about their favorite bands, which in time turned into sitting in dark rooms with a piano and writing songs that made them feel good (which, in turn, makes us feel good too). Who were those favorite bands of theirs?  We are big suckers for 70‘s disco and artists such as Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder and Gloria Estefan.”

There is a bit of a melodramatic sense of ardor and mystery that shines through their rhythmic beats that keep us dancing, a sense that they so accurately summed up for me, stating, “We like the idea that our music could narrate a midnight romance at a european disco.” There is also a truly organic and visual quality to their music that is most likely due to the fact that they are endlessly inspired by their own adventures and surroundings. “We try to always write when we are inspired by something. For instance, we wrote the two demos MAKING SUNSETS and SANTA VERONA while staying on a beach in Koh Phanagan. Sean wore two sets of clothes for 4 weeks because we had to fit a keyboard in his suitcase”.

Playing shows that have often times hit max capacity, their downloadable tracks aren’t the only appeal for Aussie audiences. Though we don’t get the luxury to experience that here in the states (yet), we can still anticipate their new releases to add to our summer playlists. MOVEMENT is the musical love child Miami never had but wishes it did. Luckily, thanks to modern day technology, Ultra Music Fest go-ers and EDM aficionados can still fall for their romantically entrancing dance tracks and wait in unison with their native fans for more new material. And who knows! With our ever growing Dance scene, maybe in time MOVEMENT will make their biggest move yet and  find their way into our open and eager arms to dance the night away in the summer heat.


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