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Interview: Jeremie Akiba Co-Founder of Lights Out Festival

July 6th, 2012 -


It’s been about four months since Miami’s last monumental music event, Ultra Music Fest. It’s safe to say that as the summer sun sets in, EDM fans are getting antsy to get together with friends and dance the heat away. Well at last we can say, “look no further!” to all you rowdy ravers and dance floor divas, because Dementia Events is bringing a new festival to town, and it’s sure to light up your summer. On July 21st, Lights Out festival is making its debut in the heart of Wynwood. We talked to Jeremie Akiba, one of LOF’s two creators, to get the scoop on Miami’s newest music event.

What inspired Dementia Events to take on the project of a music festival?

Jeremie Akiba: My partner Jeremy Carpenter and I have been envisioning this project over the past few years, and it’s finally about to happen! We chose to throw a music festival because we realized there was a big problem in Miami – all of the artists that come to South Florida cost an arm and a leg to go and see. We wanted to introduce an affordable music festival for the masses, along with the opportunity to see a ton of up-and-coming artists, mixed with legends, all in the same place.  That’s how Lights Out Festival came to be.

How do you think your experience working with other events companies plays into the planning of Lights Out?

JA: My previous experience working with other event companies has taught me many things, but one thing stands out the most. It’s crucial to stick with what works. If we had to go out and find a different vendor for each show we did, there’s no way we would be able to get everything done in time. By having existing business relationships based on trust, we were able to bring in companies that we have worked with in the past to smooth the road as we get closer to the event date. We consider our relationships to be of utmost importance, because without our existing relationships lending a helping hand in getting the festival together, there is simply no way we would be where we are at today.

With other high-budget music festivals like Ultra Music Fest, what made you decide to make this event centered around electronic music?

JA: We chose to center Lights Out around EDM because it’s such a prevalent part of the lifestyle down here in Miami, as well as around the world right now. Everyone knows that electronic music has seen an explosion in growth over the past five years or so here in the States, so we wanted to make sure that everybody is able to be a part of it. By creating a one-day event, we can allow everyone ages 16 and up to enjoy some sick local talent, emerging artists in the EDM world, as well as top acts in the industry, all for a price that is incomparable to anything I’ve ever seen. Don’t get me wrong, the large-scale three-day music festivals are really unbelievable and the work that goes into them is pretty much unprecedented, but our scene has the ability to be a much more intimate setting, and that’s LOF’s main focus.

How prevalent will the visual aspect of the shows be and why?

JA: The visual aspect of LOF is to be second to none. We have locally based, world-renowned Psyberpixie on board and you definitely need to check out some of the work she’s done. Pixie is the world’s leading female VJ and has worked with artists such as Deadmau5, Tommy Lee, Tiesto, Rusko, Moby and countless others. Her visual show on the main stage is one of the things I’m looking forward to most come event day.

Why Wynwood?

JA: We chose Wynwood as the location for Lights Out since Wynwood is knows for its arts, music, fashion and culture. Not to mention, it’s also part of my backyard, having grown up in South Florida since the age of 10. My family has owned numerous clothing stores so fashion has always been rather prevalent in my life as well. I really want to give back to the community that I came from, and what better a way to do that than by throwing a music festival right in the heart of it?

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