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Review: Childish Gambino at The Fillmore Miami Beach 6/13

June 15th, 2012 -

Photos by Rebecca Bulnes

Nothing says “Thug” like rapper Danny Brown hitting the stage at 8:00 pm on a Wednesday night in Miami. Albeit, the definition of “Thug” would be the overstatement of the year if aligned to the Fillmore audience. Let’s be honest here, an odd crowd is created for those who want to see the likes of Donald Glover especially his Childish Gambino.

Yet “odd” didn’t stop by definition of the crowd but continued on the moment Detroit rapper Danny Brown opened his mouth. Whether it be his overzealous persona that fell flat for the Miami audience, the embarrassing attempts to get the crowd to singalong, or DJ holding proof that anybody with a Macbook Pro can produce sirens and gun shot noises… this parody needed to end quick because the product being produced on the stage was nothing Miami’s infamous radio stations hadn’t played on repeat again and again.Brown left stage swiftly at 8:45 all for us to sigh in relief. Yet, it was only a few more moments before the Fillmore cloaked it’s interior and allowed Miami to explode the instant Donald Glover appeared behind his mic stand in a white hoody cloaking his confidence.

The high pitched and hopeful piano from “Outside” begin humming from the stage and held us all in anticipation. That was until Glover’s impressive backing band exploded and Miami saw Glover in an entirely new light– not aligning to what we see on our television screens during our living room sessions of “Community.” And yet, this is something Glover must know and use to his advantage. By all means, Miami was his for the taking from “Outside” until his introducing of new material towards the finale of, not the show, but his show. Still, when looking into Childish Gambino’s track record… little is there. Yes we have the handful of independent records like  Sick Boi, Poindexter, and Culdesac however, Childish Gambino has but only one studio album Camp. Still, track record aside, what comes from the stage looks and appears as if it’s been going on for years now. Whether it be his presence alone… Glover attacks the audience with his energy and outrage without giving us a moment to breathe– all while jumping off Fillmore’s house PA, constantly jumping about and finally ripping off his shirt off.

Glover and his commitment to energy weren’t the only impressive elements coming from the stage. Each song also had a unique flavor, far surpassing the traditional listen on an iPod. Whether it be the violin, the ever changing members on stage, or the pace of each song… This experience is what “rap” is supposed to produce: Not what a MacBook Pro and a guy with a big ego can conjure up in their basement with some software and pretty clothing. Hit the showers boys… leave it to Childish Gambino to clean this up.


“Freaks and Geeks”
“Do Ya Like”
“Rolling In The Deep” (Remix)
“So Fly/I Be On That”
“Letter Home”
“You See Me”


“Rack City Remix”
“We Ain’t Them”
“New Song”
“Lights Turned On”

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Silvia says:

Why are you bashing on Danny brown?the whole point on an opening act is to start getting noticed,I was there on wednesday and he had some fans there singing along with him

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