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Keep the Momentum…

June 19th, 2012 -


Momentum is something Fort Lauderdale is and has been very familiar with. With such catalysts as FAT Village’s recent flirtation with the community “Build a Better Block,” Radio-Active-Record’s “Record Store Day”, or even a publication like New Times with “County Grind” events: a force and appeal is among us. County Grind had quite the appeal with their recent event with native enthusiasts The Guns Hoes, Lil Daggers, and Jacuzzi Boys at Fort Lauderdale’s Green Room.

Yet what made this event all the more appealing were all the essentials. Whether it be Mikey Ramirez and Mitzie behind their craft that is the “record”, Kristin Frenzel painting the walls of the Green Room with her twist on media and pop culture– the aesthetics were one to be admired.

The layers of entertainment, music, and art in any event were in constant swing courtesy of County Grind at Fort Lauderdale’s Green Room. It’s enticing jams from DJs, or the native sounds of The Gun Hoes, Lil Daggers, and Jacuzzi Boys from the stage; the Fort Lauderdale audience didn’t stand the chance in standing still.


It’s the antics and tongue in cheek banter from “The Guns Hoes,” the emotional pull in “Lil Daggers”, or crazed behaviors of “Jacuzzi boys” that are necessary for any performance. It’s as if each band new their sound and ensured it was played throughout the night to keep Fort Lauderdale in it’s four walls of Green Room.

Still, this is only the beginning for New Times as more events and contributions to the Fort Lauderdale entertainment realm grow and continue to find it’s ways into our networks and eager schedules. Keep your eyes open and your dates marked folks.

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