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Review: Beach House at The Fillmore Miami Beach 5/8

May 9th, 2012 -

In some ways Beach House and Miami go hand in hand. In other ways they don’t . The city’s fast pace, the neon lights, the zooming cars and loud endless nights- they don’t quite fit in there. But then there’s the former. The summer sun, the warm soft sand,  a subtle breeze- they’re all echo in Victoria Legrande’s deep mystifying voice, Alex Scally’s spacious and melodic guitar. Beach House parallels Miami’s quieter life. Nights sitting on the beach with a cluster of friends, basking in the glow of the setting sun, all chatting distantly of times now passed and times to look forward to- but nothing too distinguishable- just a soft mummer to accompany your mind’s ventures. And in that time spent, some would grow closer, others further apart.

And last night at the Fillmore, we could feel that as Legrande crooned, “Oasis child, born and so wild. Don’t I know you better than the rest? All deception, all deception from you.” Though, the night didn’t start out as poetic.

Beach House’s supporting “band” was a man who calls himself Zomes, and the set was the definite downfall of the night. I could’ve left his monotonous drones unmentioned, but I feel I must give credit to the Beach House fans who stood strong throughout his superfluous time on stage. Now, there are some who could get away with  solely a synth and a drum track pad, but for those who can’t, really shouldn’t. Zomes’ set dragged on lacking any melodic or lyrical stimulation. And maybe, maybe those long reverberating tracks of vibration COULD have an appropriate time and place, but frankly, we were all too sober for it.

But finally, after what felt like way too much time, Beach House stepped onto the stage and the venue, (which was surprisingly nicely filled) took on a mellow and reflective kind of glow. The many couples joined together in what seemed like a permanent embrace kissing shamelessly as the night went on, fans of the drunker state danced enthusiastically to the slow swinging rhythm, and others swayed lonesomely, bobbing their heads to the words, eyes drifting about the space around them, seemingly off in a different world.

And that’s what’s so great about experiencing Beach House live. They radiate a sort of unyielding ambience that allows the fans to be totally invested in the words, the sounds. And with that they offer a sort of palette in which we can interpret the music for what we want, or what we need. They act as canvases and evoke what the listener wishes to hear, in that moment.

A major aspect of the show that relates to that notion, is the fact that out of their 17 song set, they played nearly all of the tracks on their upcoming album, “Bloom”. What could be a risky dynamic for other bands, worked for Beach House because of the relationship fans can have with their music. The fact that they performed these songs without a hint of hesitancy or doubt didn’t hurt either. The show was not completely devoid of some oldies though, fans got to sing along whole heartedly with favorites like “Zebra”, “Silver Soul”, “Norway”, and the hypnotic track dropped earlier this year, “Myth”.

Though the show didn’t have wild mosh pits or crazy crowd surfers, it was not without energy. It was just a different type of energy, a sensory one. One that allowed the venue to flutter in a wave harmonious color that shadowed all that Beach House emanates. And I for one wouldn’t mind stepping into that radiance again.

Favorite quote from the crowd: A curly haired head bopping from the front row announced, “Victoria TOTALLY had eye sex with me. Seriously.”



-”Other People”
-”Walk in the Park”
-”Silver Soul”
-”Equal Mind”
-”The Hours”
-”New Year”
-”Take Care”

-”Turtle Island”
-”10 Mile Stereo”

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