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Orange Blossom Jamboree Ticket Giveaway

May 8th, 2012 -



OBJ is a unique festival because it’s strictly comprised of Florida based companies, artists and vendors, focusing on connecting local business and talent. Enjoy over 40 hours of live music from over 30 bands. The festival will also include on site camping , bon fires , drum circles , and arts/crafts. The festival takes place next weekend (5/17-5/20) at Sertoma Youth Ranch in Brooksville, FL.

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Download a 3 hour OBJ ’12 compilation mix


Beebs and her Money Makers
Crazy Fingers
3rd Stone
Applebutter Express
Free Range Roosters
Legacy and the Heard
The Estimated Prophets
Bride of Chaotica
Reina Collins
Shoeless Soul
Skull and Bone band
The Cornerstoners
Funky Nuggets
The Funky Presidents
Funky Seeds
The Human Condition
The Transfers
Scholars Word
Another Roadside Attraction
Between Bluffs
Honey Henny Lime
Marley’s Collie
BlessEd and the Devine Derelicts
Juanjamon Band
Bounce House
Smilin’ Bill
Brian Burgess
….and more

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5 Responses to “Orange Blossom Jamboree Ticket Giveaway”

steven everett says:


erin says:

oh PUHLEEEASE pick me… this goes down on my birthday weekend and I had SOOOO much fun last year! really wanna get back! <3

Tommy says:

don’t miss this one people. it’s my favorite Fl fest. we will be going every year!)

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[...] Orange Blossom Jamboree Ticket Giveaway [...]

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