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Sumsun & Millionyoung at Green Room 4/12

April 17th, 2012 -


As indie lovers, hipsters, and downtown regulars alike crowded Green Room Thursday night, all were in serious anticipation for Sumsun and Millionyoung. This would be the last Thursday of Digital Love, Green Room’s weekly indie party. The backdrop was set and a slew of different graphics would slowly float on the screen, like volcanic explosions, which blew an array of lights around the room. The scene was very relaxed, and the crowd a very modest size. Puffs of smoke drifted up to through the white drapes attached to the high ceilings from smoke machines and with anticipation getting the best of people, what else could there be to do besides play Jenga?

White polo, beer in one hand, and fingers through his long locks with the other, Sumsun waltzed on stage with no hurry. Knowing both artists came from a chillwave background, I was already leaning back in my chair. The rhythms were mellow and harmonized well. Not so chill you wanted to go to sleep, but if you starred into the screen behind him hard enough you probably could’ve. Either that or gotten vertigo. After a bit of that vibe, he brought everyone into a deeper place making us feel like he suddenly drank a red bull. Sumsun was more than enthusiastic and bent down with every pulsing beat of the song. He played tracks like “Alright, ” the hard mix, and “Treehouse” by Indian Ocean. Swept up by all of it, we weren’t complaining.

Millionyoung, a.k.a. Mike Diaz, who rarely disappoints, brought many different elements to his set. Live guitar, electronic drums, and his beats. Being a musician who primarily makes his music on his laptop, its hard not to be impressed with his work. The essence was light, but regardless became something that everyone in the room readily danced to. The genre he quasi belongs to is definitely quick to become monotonous, but lucky for party-goers his transitions from his old stuff to newer stuff kept us all awake and interested. Heavy reverb, drum beats, and synth echoes were the culmination of this show. After experiencing it, I found it hard to classify or characterize what I considered him to be.. ie; singer, songwriter, a band, or an individual, and in retrospect he’s all of those things. Diaz creates his own world on stage and we’re just spectators to what his imagination produces, and I respect that.

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