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Review: Red Hot Chili Peppers at BankAtlantic Center 4/2

April 3rd, 2012 -


What comes to mind when you think of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Santigold? Surely not horses, which seemed to be the theme last night at the BankAtlantic Center. And when I say horse, I mean full blown, school mascot, two people halloween costume, horse. Including a background screening of a horse during the Chili Peppers performance. Let me not rush myself into it too much there, and explain the scenario a bit more for you: 8 o’clock on the dot. Santigold gets on the stage. Need I say that one more time? 8 ON THE DOT. When have you ever been to a concert where the performance began on time? As pleasant as a scheduled event may be to most people, to some like myself it takes away the comforting joys of anxiousness. The “man-they-were-supposed-to-start-30-minutes-ago”’s, and the butterflies in your stomach when you think the band is about to begin but it’s actually the lingering music changing. The yearning for late bands is all a part of the concert experience and I feel slightly deprived of that on this particular event.

So it’s begins with unenthusiastic Santigold, with two side dancers, whom are literally SHAKING their asses to a crowd of, say about, 3,000 people. It was an odd performance to say the least. I was quite bored and unengaged at first, when she pulled, what I believe to be, a ridiculous stunt. She called people to come on stage to dance. One aspiring dancer and few awkward boys, one with a broken arm, walking around the stage during her performance. Just what she needed needed. More unenthusiastic people on stage! At a smaller venue, she may have gotten away with such thing, but opening for such a major band as the Chili Peppers, I find it to be unacceptable. I just need to say, when you get offered to open for a band, sometimes it’s okay to say no.

And now the moment we’ve been waiting for! (No seriously, really waiting, due to a broken foot.) This is their first tour since the Stadium Arcadium tour in ‘06-‘07, as well as guitarist Josh Klinghoffer’s first tour with them, following the departure of John Frusciante. The crew enters the stage. Out comes Flea, hair as blue as ever, Mr. Will Ferrell doppelgänger himself, Anthony Kiedis , and the fresh meat, Josh Klinghoffer. As expected, two songs in, Klinghoffer has a solo. Merely a crowd pleaser to start off on a good foot. He most definitely has a lot to live up to and reason to be intimidated. Personally, I thought as a replacement for Frusciante, he pulled off quite a pleasant performance. It goes without saying he has an exceedingly amount of talent and I don’t think he deserves any sort of disapproval.

BankAtlantic executed the actual physical production magnificently. The lights were absolutely terrific as well as the 6 screens that managed to be more than just screens.  Another thing I noticed that was probably a little more difficult to distinguish from the lower levels, was that the floor was lit up in the shape of an asterisk. They commenced playing with “Monarchy of Roses,” and then “Can’t Stop.” I didn’t particularly enjoy their choice of backgrounds, some seemed a bit too cartoony and childish for me. My personal favorite obviously being the standard: Windows ‘97 background inspired tree’s.

This concert was beautiful in the sense that Red Hot Chili Peppers are ageless. You saw middle aged men bumping and banging alongside their 12 year old sons, as well as 25 year olds drinking it up, all enjoying the night. The unification of these unusual crowds made me appreciate this band so much more. The fact that they have the power to bring such contrasting people to one place for one night to enjoy themselves, is definitely something to appreciate that I don’t think we see very often. I feel that last night every one got to visit a part of their past and indulge in the sweet sense of nostalgia, and what a fantastic feeling it is.

“Monarchy of Roses”
“Can’t Stop”
“Scar Tissue”
“Dani California”
“Look Around”
“Universally Speaking”
“Police Station”
“Parallel Universe”
“The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie”
“Right On Time”
“Factory of Faith”
“Under the Bridge”
“Higher Ground”  (Stevie Wonder cover)
“By the Way”
“Chad & Mauro Jam”
“Around the World”
“Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere” (Neil Young cover)
“Give It Away”
“Final Jam”

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