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Perpetual Groove Review at Culture Room 3/2

March 4th, 2012 -


Having not seen Perpetual Groove since their on-board Jam Cruise shows, you can bet I was amidst the eager to see what the guys had in store this time around. There’s really no PGroove show like a Culture Room PGroove show, and this held especially true with additional built up hype due to the return of Matt McDonald on keyboard. And boy, did he deliver.

Beyond the music, this show was jam packed with that wholesome South Florida family vibe. From pre-games to meeting up in the lot to the dozens of hugs given in the line pre-show, you knew that everyone was there for the same cause: that spacey, jam-filled music with equal parts highs and lows – and that’s exactly how I would explain this particular show.

I’ve definitely seen PGroove more than a handful of times, but to honest with you – I’m not too familiar with every song title or lyric. Sure, you can catch me singing along when I’m caught in my own groove, but to name every song played each set? You unfortunately won’t find that here. What I can tell you is this was the best show I’ve seen the boys play in years. In fact, more than once did I hear friends and strangers proclaim, “they’re baaaack!” And really, what more could you ask for? A “Praise You” cover a la Fatboy Slim? You can bet your free flowing bodies we got that, too. After all, we’re here for the music.

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