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Local Spotlight: Dreaming In Stereo

March 29th, 2012 -


Dreaming in Stereo is the love child of Fernando Perdomo and his own personal thoughts, memories, and dreams. Being one of the most prominent local bands/music aficionados of South Florida, we decided to shed some more light on what goes into the making of his progressive pop music that has continued to grab the attention of critics and music junkies alike.

“A journey into the dreams of Fernando Perdomo”, is what Dreaming in Stereo is said to be, and you seem to create a dreamy sound that is up to par with that statement. To manifest such a tone, how do you go about your writing process? Where does your inspiration come from, and does it ever relate back to actual dreams?

Fernando: I’m a horrible sleeper. Ask anyone who knows me about my night terrors and you will get many stories. I love music that takes you somewhere and I think the consensus is that Dreaming in Stereo music gets you there. My writing process varies from song to song but in general I write music first and then lyrics come to me. My chord progressions have melodies in them so it keeps me satisfied to work the songs as instrumentals before the lyrics finish off the tunes. I don’t remember my dreams but my music can make you drift away if you close your eyes. Headphone candy is always there.

At an early age you developed a broad taste, drawing influences from all across the musical spectrum. Had you not acquired such a mature record collection, how do you think Dreaming in Stereo would sound?

Fernando: I am obsessed with music so I cannot imagine not exploring the world of recorded music the way I did.. The Beatles were my first musical obsession and in the end It is the most frequent reference I make when making records. Maybe I would have less instrumentals and maybe less interesting chords in my progressions. I am obsessed with the Maj7 chord and all Dreaming in Stereo songs seem to have at least 1 Maj7 chord in it.

You are a strong advocate for the music scene in South Florida, also being the creator of Forward Motion Records. In the midst of Miami’s prominent dance culture, what do you look for in a band you are hoping to sign?

Fernando: Songs!!! That is the one element that all Forward Motion Records artists have. You take away the production and the songs stand on their own. That is the one thing that will never go out of style… great songs.

Before Dreaming in Stereo, you drifted between many bands, playing multiple instruments and continuously contributing. When did you decide to step aside and delve into your own project? What inspired this decision?

Fernando: I was a sideman for Paulina Rubio, Christian Castro, Soraya, Jorge Moreno and Juan Fernando Velasco… number 1 platinum selling latin artists and was making a great living playing guitar. Then in 2006 I had 2 brushes with what I wanted the most, Pop music success. I was playing guitar with Price who got signed to Geffen, and playing bass for Hilary McRae who got signed to Hear Music/ Starbucks. Both of these amazing artists did not break as expected and my mother got diagnosed with Cancer. I went into a depression and decided to make Dreaming in Stereo 1 as self therapy. I wrote “Half Dead” about being a sideman “Living a dream in somebody else’s head.” I wrote “I’m not gonna move to LA” about staying in Miami while Price stayed in LA and “Steal This Song” was written about McRae’s album being leaked weeks before it was released.  To my surprise…people loved that record and it continues to sell very well. “Smile” off that record will be used in a video for a charity that helps children born with a Cleft Palate.  I have not looked back since. It is so inspiring to make music on my terms and for people to love it .

When it comes to live shows-which you seem to have done quite a bit of, what goes into your preparation and mindset for performing?

Fernando: I feel very comfortable on stage. I dont have to prepare that much. Vocal warmups help and I always find it therapeutic to set up my own stuff. Picking what T shirt to wear is stressful… Its always a black one with an obscure band on it or a weird musical instrument brand on it . Fan faves are “Big Muff” “VHS” and “BOOTY” which is a band shirt from my friends RUDY.

Dreaming in Stereo 3 is, “currently in the works”. After such success from both your freshman and sophomore albums, what is your aim for this upcoming release?

Fernando: Without saying too much .. fans of my pop music and fans of my Prog music are gonna each have new albums for them to explore. I have some exciting stuff in the works and I cannot wait for the music to come out . My lyrics are getting better and the arrangements are gonna freak some people out .

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