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Gauntlet Hair Review @ Bardot 3/1

March 3rd, 2012 -


Denver based noise-pop duo Gauntlet Hair has definitely come a long way in a short amount of time. Having recently released their first self-titled debut album, the reverb is endless both literally and figuratively.

Queue dark smoke-filled bar and beautiful people in a quaint yet mysterious atmosphere and you have Gauntlet Hair’s performance in check. As most shows are, one band is leaving while the other is setting up and on-lookers watched in curiosity as drummer Craig Nice darted around the room barefoot wearing 80’s gym shorts which most likely made them wonder, “Who are these people?” The lights dimmed deeper, as if that was even possible, and the carpeted stage transformed into an array of colors. Though a short set, they played tunes like “I Was Thinking” and “Showing.” During these songs, I wasn’t sure whether to dance in circles or reminisce about a possible past life as a Navajo shaman. The ethereal and unrestrained tone of Singer Andy Rauworth’s voice left us all in a hazy head bobbing trance making their performance seem effortless. In general, I’m typically bothered when I can’t make out the lyrics but in this instance no one could, and they didn’t care. Their sound is their own, nonetheless constantly compared to other bands, but altogether rhythmic and harmonious without question. Gauntlet Hair’s down-to-earth vibe was ultimately infectious and left party-goers wanting more.

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