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Orange You Glad Festival Spotlight: Zambri

February 29th, 2012 -


Twin sisters Cristi Jo and Jessica Zambri lead this band into a genre of electronic music that toys with the edge of goth but still ¬†filled with enough reverb to bounce to. They’ve been spotted in the lineup of some of the most notorious indie festivals, and they’re taking the lead in Orange You Glad Festival in Orlando next week! Roadtrip? We got to know Zambri a little bit better, and we’ve got this interview in hopes that you can too, in Orlando next week. We’ll be there!

Growing up together, when and what had you create Zambri?

Cristi Jo: It is really a blur as to when it started because we’ve been creative together since we were little. We tried other projects, but this is the first album we are putting out just the two of us, so in a way Zambri starts now. With that said, we were imaginative little girls who made things together once upon a time, and that just kept going.

Does being twin sisters help in that you have the same intuitions with your music?

Cristi Jo: Mainly, we tell all of the same jokes. We get a kick out of telling people we’re not twins.

In your live shows you work with a bundle of microphones, how did you figure that out?

Cristi Jo: We wanted specific vocal sounds. It is what it is because it’s what we had to work with to start. Then we tried things that seemed more logical, but each pedal has a different signal strength, and we want to use 2 effects at once, but not from the same source, etc. Basically, it’s more comfortable to us then anything else we tried out.

Especially with this genre, it seems like the lyrics are so interwoven with the music. How do you decide what a song is about?

Cristi Jo: The approach is never really the same. We’re playful with lyrics. Sometimes we just want specific sounds, and we use the voice as you would any other instrument. Other times the lyrics are very specific. I believe the narrator of this album is a bit of a romanticist.

What has been your favorite festival to play so far?

Cristi Jo: We’re most excited about the ones we’re about to play next month: Savannah Stopover, OYGF, SXSW, then Europe!

What are your plans not only for OYGF but for SXSW?

Cristi Jo: Planning to be busy and entertaining.

What is your favorite song to perform?

Cristi Jo: The first and last songs, and sometimes a middle-ish song.

What should we be prepared for in 2012 from Zambri?

Cristi Jo: It’s our year. We’re gonna rake in all the Oscars.

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