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Catch Between You and Me Opening up for Com Truise

February 10th, 2012 -

South Florida, you have your head so wrapped up in how many BPM you can squeeze into every song you may be overlooking some of the more ambient sound waves. So here’s something new for you to take in. Between You and Me is Jonathan Abramson of JUKBOXR records and he’s just let us in on his experiments into the electronic genre. Stemming from a musically centered childhood his grasp on sound is far flung and awakening. His EP Parc Montsouris brings us dreamily through chimes, drums and a reverberating keyboard. Like a lullaby coming through a static frequency it will lull you into relaxation while moving you to want to visit the same park in France that gave Abramson his inspiration. In fact, you lucky listeners can see him for yourself tomorrow night when he opens for Com Truise along with AbDeCaf at Bardot in Miami. So go there, shake his hand, and beg him to give you some hints about his LP to be released this summer. If you click this link there’s a 100% chance you’ll end up listening to the entire EP, you wont complain. 


Did someone say summer LP release? Sneaky Peaky anyone?


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