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Bruise Cruise Spotlight: The Soft Pack

February 7th, 2012 -

softpack110905Matt Lamkin, lead singer of The Soft Pack, talked to us about what albums he’s currently listening to, their upcoming album, and what bands he’s most excited to see aboard the Bruise Cruise.

I’m going to get the necessary band name question out of the way- As a band with quite the response from your early name (The Muslims) and eventually needing to change it, I was wondering, what are some of your favorite band names?

Matt: Joy Division, the Kinks, Jesus Lizard, Steely Dan, Parliament, the Monks, The Muslims, The Mothers, Fucked Up, Hot Snakes, The Smiths.

You seemed to keep rock fans on their toes waiting for your debut self titled. That was finally released back in 2010, are you writing for a new record now?

Matt: Our new album is in the can and we’re talking to labels.

What albums are you currently listening to?

Matt: I’m listening to REM, Smokey Robinson, Chrome, Kurt Vile, Girls, War on Drugs, Lee Hazlewood, Serge Gainsbourg, Merle Haggard, Sade, Plastic Ono Band, Virgo, Frankie Knuckles

In describing your band, you said, “We wanted to start a band that played simple, catchy, smart rock songs,”. With the recent influx of indie/chill wave bands buzzing around the blogosphere, how do you think your next releases will be received?

Matt: I think the songs are catchy, simple and rock but we’ll see. I’m excited about this one.

Any bands in particular that you are looking forward to sharing the boat with on the Bruise Cruise?

Matt: I’m looking forward to seeing The Oh Sees and Fucked Up. Great live bands.

Besides performing on the Bruise Cruise alongside 14 other bands, you’ll also be sharing the boat with the fans. Quite the intimate vibe!  How are you anticipating the band to fan proximity on the Bruise Cruise?

Matt: Our fans like to have a good time. Shouldn’t be any problems in terms of proximity. The closer the better, I say.

Catch The Soft Pack at the Bruise Cruise Kickoff Party @ The Stage, Thursday 2/9

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