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Tear Up The Dance Floor This Weekend With Afrobeta

January 13th, 2012 -


You lucky, lucky Floridians. South Florida is a hotbed of hidden pulsing music that, while to a blatant visitor it might yield nothing but the big, painful events that gather at the arenas and stadiums. Little do they know they’re oblivious to the hundreds of venues that only come alive in the infant hours of the morning and fill with the most laid back party animals you’ll ever be lucky enough to run into. And commandeering the scene this weekend is Miami’s futuristic duo Afrobeta. With beats that would denote a pop song, they layer it with synth and enough electricity to charge the energizer bunny himself. Maybe they feed off their own energy to be able to keep up with the hits they put out. This weekend alone they’re playing back two back events. Friday night at the Vagabond in Miami, and Saturday at The Green Room in Fort Lauderdale. We know they’re completely capable of surging into huge, sold out venues like The Fillmore [see review of them opening for NERO] yet this weekend they’re playing two intimate venues.  So intimate in fact that it would probably be nice to become aquainted with them. I know you’re all very busy people so I brought  Afrobeta to you. We chatted with them, like I know you wish you could, and theres a few things you could stand to know before their all in your face this weekend.

How did you find your sound?

Afrobeta: In the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and they’re magically delicious.

With such a unique take on electronic music, what was your intent with this band?

Afrobeta: Have electronic music that feels organic.

How did you two meet and grow into this duo?

Afrobeta: We me at a speed dating event.

What serves as your inspiration?

Afrobeta: Future music, McSweeney’s Compilations, and Van Halen.

What instruments do or can you play?

Afrobeta: Smurphio plays piano, guitar, bass, tiple, quatro, ukulele, tres, charango, kazoo, melodica, and the recorder. Cuci plays piano, guitar, and the slide whistle.

Who is the party animal?

Afrobeta: Smurphio.

Can you tell us the way to Afrobeta’s heart?

Afrobeta: A warm dog, a cool drink, and a good book.


So remember what I said, TWO Shows this weekend. If Afrobeta can do it so can you!  Friday Jan 13th at Vagabond – FREE before 11pm.  Saturday Jan 14th at Fort Lauderdale’s Green Room at 8pm.

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