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Review: The Kills @ Revolution Live with Hunters and JEFF the Brotherhood

January 29th, 2012 -

You can hear live music from the instant you step out of your car. Lavola is playing on the side of the venue as people line up. Not what I had expected, after hearing such fine things about this band. Seemed like a location for some lesser band.

Hunters? Which one? With the initial impression of this excruciatingly typical band name, the show was off to a rotten beginning. The appealing blonde lead singer immediately started to dance. At first, it was engaging and gave the band some sort of good vibes compelling people to dance. It was funky. But it didn’t stop. At some point I think she even lost the rhythm of the damn music for the sake of dancing. In the end, it’s all alright because looks will get you anywhere, and if you’re as attractive as the lead singer, you can pull anything off.

Jamin and Jake from JEFF the Brotherhood are the epitome of perfection. If you’ve never listened to them before, this is me scolding you. Think of them as 70’s, 80’s rock fused with psychedelic within the same song. It’s pretty fantastic if you ask me, not to mention impressive for merely two brothers! A fist fight broke out during their set, to which Jake replied something along the lines of “Every concert someone gets punched it’s not a big deal. Chill out.”  There were a few security guards  in the crowd, people with bloody teeth and women screaming at me “We told them it was no big deal! It’s normal!!” As they concluded their set, Jake, the lead singer and guitarist, went on over to stand on some tables on the right side of the venue as everyone cheered this on. He resembled some sort of rock and roll god with his old style denim vest and guitar riffs.

The Kills began their show with a leopard print backing. I cherish The Kills, but I don’t care who you are, it’s tacky! Apart from that, I could basically write this review only using one word. Seductive! The best part about it was that Alison knew it, and used it completely to her advantage as she teased the crowd moving sensually while putting her fingers in her mouth and caressing her guitar. (Which I could promise you the crowd couldn’t be more jealous of.) This pair has insane chemistry, that a mere glance can prove. They felt it. We felt it. This was honestly a spectacular performance. You could observe her as she indulged in the music. She would take pauses and very attractively walk on over to the right hand side of the stage and laid her body on that wall. The vibrations the amps were giving off went through everyone, especially Alison herself. The music impregnated our minds last night.

The previous show I attended at Revolution Live, Manchester Orchestra, was full of people but dead of life. (Although it genuinely was a spectacular concert, and I pity the band for not having the crowd they deserved.) Thankfully this time I can’t say the same! Everyone seemed to being thoroughly enjoying this perfect duo. This show was entertaining from the moment it commenced to the moment it ended. No matter how exaggerated the opening band was, nor did the leopard print matter. The performance was the substance.. If The Kills ever go near you, don’t doubt for a second purchasing those tickets!

The Kills Setlist:
No Wow
Future Starts Slow
Heart is a Beating Drum
Kissy Kissy
URA Fever
Last Day of Magic
Baby Says
Nail in My Coffin/Slow
Black Balloon
Tape Song
Cheap and Cheerful
Pots and Pans
Last Goodbye
Sour Cherry
Fuck The People
Monkey 23

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