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Local Spotlight: Blonds

January 25th, 2012 -


After an oddly filled night of events, I found myself riding an antique bicycle to meet with Jordy and Cari of Blonds. What ensued was completely worth the cardio. Over their favorite sushi we discussed how laziness inspires their songs, their new EP, the fall of Zooey Deschanel, and a 104 year old’s birthday party.

How does Blonds like Florida, are you a Florida band?

Cari: I don’t really feel like I’m from Florida, I mean, how long have I been here?
(Jordy and Cari commence into a short mathematical equation quadrated by life experiences and mutual memories) But when I was a kid I traveled around the U.S., and I’ve never felt like Florida was my “home” *whispers* I don’t really like Florida…

Jordy: Well I lived in Wilton Manners, and it was super ghetto when I grew up there. Then all of a sudden I move out and it turns into this really nice gay community.

As soon as you left?

Jordy: Yeah! And now it would’ve been way better to grow up in, like, there’s nice people everywhere. No more crack houses. And now they have like, the best lawns.

Cari: They probably made a lot of money off their crack.

Jordy: The worst part of Florida, is that no matter how excited you might get over something, like I would go on a tour to like the west coast, Midwest, or Chicago or all those exciting things that we’re excited to do! But then your first show is in, say, Jacksonville…When you leave here its metropolitan but then you start driving and then there’s like 400 miles of nothing. Literally nothing for a long, long time. And you start to feel that. And everyone has that collective, “Ohh…”

Cari: “Ohh, here’s the swamp again.”

Jordy: Haha yeah, just such a long drive back into nothingness.

Cari: I don’t want to say that the topography of Florida is bad, but…Florida is just so all-year-long. All year long!…We could literally write a book about why Florida sucks.

Jordy: This is how it works, Everyone from New York gets old and moves down to Florida. Then, their kids grow up and move to New York. When you become an adult you move to New York and when you’re old you come back down the Florida.

Cari: People think Florida’s a huge party.

Jordy: We’re actually looking into where we’re going to move, kind of up in the air right now as to where we’re recording.

Cari: Pretty much LA or New York.

Jordy: We don’t know where but we’re going to be recording a full length album in late March.

Cari: Basically we’re tossing up producers right now.

Jordy: She’s going to quit her job and all that.

Cari: And to be spending money flying back and forth, might as well drive there and stay there!

What do you guys do now?

Jordy: I was serving for awhile.

Cari: – and I work for a doctor, a medical assistant. It was great, I went to school, got my degree, but I’m just way more of an exciting person than that (laughs.) That life would be great if I was all “I should get married and have kids and buy a house” but it just doesn’t fit.

Did your parents want you to go to school?

Cari: Yeah, my parents struggled a lot when I was a kid, being poor, and they wanted me to go to school and have my stability. I’ve always just been pretty confident in my independence and my resourcefulness so I was never really worried as to how I was going to make money, I was more worried in where I was going and what fun stuff I was going to do.  (laughs)

So what do your parents think about the music now?

Cari: They’re very supportive of it, and love the EP. They will be coming to the show. My parents aren’t thrilled about me moving because they worry. Now I live like 2 hours away from them, I’ve never lived a flight away.

Jordy: 2 hour car ride, 2 hour flight, same difference.

Cari: It matters if like my car breaks down or something. If I’m in New York, and I fall down and break my leg on the street no one’s going to care.

Jordy: See that’s a misconception, that noone in NY cares; everyone in NY is awesome by the way. When I first went to NY I was under that misconception and then I found out they’re not jerks! They’re all really helpful and so nice, I’ve seen new Yorkers come together to help somebody out that fell down. Like I remember about this one guy, when I was in NY some guy had a seizure and fell onto the train tracks, this other guy takes off his shit, jumps down there and lays flat on top of the guy as the train passes over them. That’s like, some serious New York stuff. I don’t think I’d ever see someone in Miami think of doing something like that.

They’d probably whip out their camera-phones

Jordy: Here if you even bump into someone it’s like, Oh God you just ruined my life! Haha New York is like, “Eh shit happens” Shit happens is like the mantra of NY, move on keep going. (laughs)

Cari: I mean, I haven’t been there since I was a little kid so I don’t really know, but he talks about it and I trust him so. And if I don’t like it after we record, so what. I live there for a year or two and move on, it’s an experience!

Jordy: And anyone can get along there. Even if you’re not the New York type, you find something that draws you to it. Once you get used to the lifestyle.

(Cari points out the birthday party in the back room across the restaurant)

Cari: *pointing, she whispers* Oh my god that persons 104 years old! Is that what’s going on? A 104th birthday? That’s crazy! Oh sorry, is that not good for the interview.

Are you kidding that’s amazing!

Cari: Seriously, that’s crazy man, good job.

So how long have you two been together?

Jordy: Pretty much when we first met we instantly connected, kinda weird.

Cari: Yup, pretty weird.

Were you in your other band at the time?

Jordy: Yup

So Cari, did you like, beg to join the band, or just grab the tambourine and just edge in on it…

Cari: Oh no no, it was definitely the other way around. Since he met me he was like ‘ohh we should start a band!’ and I’ve never been in a band, and I’m an okay singer, so I was like suuuure lets do something then.  He was telling me ‘okay, yeah we’ll find a spot for you’. So I was just going through the motions ya’know.  Then one day in say, October and we were working on this blues-y chord.

Jordy: And that’s exactly how it happened, I think it was in September.

Cari: Well all I remember is there was this one day with this one blues-y chord and so he wrote ‘Kite.’

Jordy: I wrote ‘Kite’ in the car as she was sitting next to me and that was the first real serious conversation we had about OUR music, and we were retarded gaga for each other, and she asked me what did I want it to sound like.

Cari: It was inspiration!

Jordy: For real, and immediately the sound of ‘Kite’ came into my head and I wrote the whole thing.

Cari: Was that while I was sleeping?

Jordy: Yup

Cari: Oh, I don’t remember. I was there but…

Jordy: Well I sang it to you…and then you fell asleep.

Cari: (laughs) It put me to sleep!?

Jordy: And then ‘Treasure Coast’ was the second one, and then ‘206’, and then ‘Sunshine Hate.’

So did Jordy write them all? While Cari slept?

Cari: Pretty much.

Jordy: ‘Sunshine Rose’ we wrote together, ‘206’ was an idea I had and pretty much scratched out on the spot, like the first time I played it was while recording the scratch track on the guitar. Then I put the beat behind it and played it the first time as what I thought felt good. Kind of hummed in my head where the vocals should be.

Cari: We would be in my room, sitting in our underwear waking up on a Saturday morning and he’d have the headphones on. And he’d be on the guitar, then he’d move to the bass, then he’d move to the tambourine, then he’d move to the piano. And I just liked watching him like, ‘he’s a one man band just going around my house’ haha. Luckily in my house I have a lot of instruments because I come from a musical family so I have a piano, a flute, bongos, mandolin, guitars, and ukulele. So we had all the equipment and he has a portable recording studio so we just sit there and go all around my house.

Jordy: I had a lazy man approach for ‘Cameo’, so lazy, I wanted the piano, I thought it’d be awesome with the piano. But the piano was out of the room and I didn’t feel like breaking down the whole recording setup just to move it by the piano, so I just used my phone to record the two notes and looped them.

Cari: And this is an old, old church piano, totally out of tune. It’s a piano we have just to have a piano and if you were actually looking to make music you wouldn’t want to touch this piano. But we did.

So do you play the bongos, and flute ?

Cari: I can play the flute…I suppose I could play the bongos.

Jordy: I will never ever let her play the ukulele. Zooey Deschanel pretty much ruined cute girls playing the ukulele. forever. Did you hear her quote? She was all like ‘I want to play the ukulele because it looks cute’ and it’s like…gahhhh.

I do like 500 Days Of Summer

Cari: Oh me too, I loved her because of 500 Days of Summer.

Jordy: I actually hate her because of 500 Days of Summer. That was the first character where I legitimately disliked her. She was like, so evil, I felt his pain.

But see, that’s where I think she wasn’t evil.

Cari: She was honest.

Jordy: And then the guy right after she marries? That’s bullshit.

Cari: Sometimes you just find the right person when you least expect it.

So what do you guys use as inspiration as your music? Besides your giddy love for each other.

Jordy: That’s it . (laughs)

Cari: That’s like, really it. It’s pretty stupid. We’re like, retardedly in love with each other.

Jordy: Everyone’s just going to be so sick of it.

Cari: Oh they will, probably after their first album they’re going to be like, oh god go have a baby already. All of our songs are sort of autobiographical. Okay, Jordy knows me very well. Better than anyone else. He’s just very perceptive, very intuitive and when he focuses on something he will know everything about it. And he does this with me! And he’s able to write music that he knows I would want to sing about. It’s kind of weird but awesome at the same time.

Jordy: It makes me happy to see her love it, it’s like a present I get to give her every time I write a song.

Cari: And then I come home and listen to it and write the lyrics. Like, I feel bad for other couples who aren’t making music together because it adds another dimension to the relationship.

So what’s happening at practice tonight?

Cari: Our live band is going to be me him and 4 other people.

Jordy: I just want it to sound full, I want people to see us live and feel like its even better than the cd.

This is your first show as Blonds right?

Cari: Mhmnn

Now, Jordy’s toured around but are you excited?

Cari:- Im very excited.  Jordy bought me a dress for Christmas to wear.

Jordy: Tell her what kind it is.

Cari: It’s a Betsey Johnson, it’s teal.

So what will you guys be playing at the show?

Jordy: I’ll be going back and forth between electronics and guitars, and she’ll be singing.

Cari: Just singing.

Who would you open for if you could?

Jordy: I want to open for an audience that would appreciate us, but I’d also want to open just for someone I love. Someone I could watch every night and it still be magical. I would love to be an opening act at Glastonbury festival that Gorillaz was headlining.

Cari: Honestly though, that’d be a difficult act to open for.

Jordy: What! It’d be a difficult act to follow!

Cari: But people that go to that show are going to be like…

Jordy: I would be like that about our stuff too, I’d be like, “don’t worry, I know why you’re here, that’s why I’m here for the same reason, the only reason we’re up here is because we get to see them next.”

Cari: ( laughs) “we got free tickets!”

Did you guys expect this to happen when you released these songs?

Cari: Pfft, I thought it’d be fun to do, for our friends and stuff.

Jordy: I kind of did, I had just this small feeling that people would attach to it just because of her voice. I’m not even saying it to flatter you. She just has that in her voice, makes people listen. I thought if we could get our foot in the door it would happen, and it did happen.

Cari: This is just another thing he’s done that I’m blown away by. But as soon as we released it I sent out a few emails and people wanted more. I baked cookies and sent them out to everyone that helped us.

Fortune cookies are handed out gleefully,

Cari: Oh fortune cookies! Always such good advice!

Jordy: “You are a bundle of energy and always on the go”

Cari: So true! I cut you off, what were you trying to say?

I was trying to ask about the EP, Dark Roots, now is that because of the name Blonds?

Jordy: She came up with that, I thought it was clever.

Does it have to do with a dark past?

Jordy: We have dark pasts.

Cari: It’s a double entendre.

Jordy: As our first cd I think it was a good, clever start.

And how did you get the imagery? Barbies?

Jordy: Oh, I’m a Google whore, I try and find the weirdest pictures and completely change them, so I found a picture of a bunch of naked Barbies and that was interesting and weird. I just added more Barbies into the picture.

Cari: The more Barbies the better.




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