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Interview: Reptar

January 24th, 2012 -


We chatted with Andrew McFarland, the drummer from Reptar about life on tour,  their upcoming album, and what they’re currently listening to.

Which bands have influenced your own personal style?

Everyone in the band has pretty distinct personal tastes, but as a band I’d say we’ve been influenced by a lot of band around Athens, like Quiet Hooves and co co ri co, and then a grand assortment of African dance music, like King Sunny Ade, all the Kuties, etc. When I listen to Reptar, I definitely hear some pretty shameless nods to more familiar bands like the Talking Heads and Animal Collective as well. I’d like to think we have an eclectic list going.

Before coming up with the band name Reptar, what other names were you considering?

Spruce Caboose (On the Loose), Teethies, Indigo Imbroglio, 2 fast 2 furry, to name a few…

Last summer, you played two of the biggest festivals in the country, Lollapaolloza, and Austin City Limits, tell us about that experience.

They were both fantastic experiences. I think that both festivals, but Lolla in particular, really helped legitimize the band not only for us, but our parents, and for a lot of fans. We actually found out that we were on the bill for Lolla on our way up to CMJ in New York in October of 2010, and at that point we were all still in school and basically touring on weekends. So as soon as we heard we’d gotten it we were all sort of like oh shit, now we have to start taking this seriously. Being a part of both festivals were definitely two of the most incredible experiences of our lives, though. Being invited to participate in something that requires that amount of logistical planning and hard work is an honor for sure. And there’s this energy around those kinds of gatherings too, it’s really hard to be too nervous because there’s so much excitement, Both of those shows were two of my favorite shows we’ve played just based on the amount of energy of a crowd that big and who is there solely to hear music. Pretty rad.

Someone once said write what you would want to perform over and over. With that in mind, what song do you love to perform the most?

We’ve been playing mostly songs from our album recently and I’ve really been digging playing the newer stuff. One of the newer ones, called “Thank You Gliese 783″ which is super fun.

You just started a 4 month long tour, what’s the first thing you do to get acclimated in each city?

We all  love tacos, so if we have time, we’ll do some research and try and hunt the best taco restaurant.

Besides lots of touring, what else in store for 2012?

We have an album called Mood Chew Chew Mood Choo Choo coming out in mid February for starters. We also have a teeny record label called Quality Faucet, which originally released Oblangle Fizz Y’all, that we’re gonna try and get rolling.

What 3 emerging bands are you listening to right now?

Currently, Rubblebucket, who are an incredible band from Brooklyn, but also our fellow Atheniens, Quiet Hooves, who we’ll be touring with in Feb/March/April.  I really love Adron, from Atlanta, who may be the most talented musician/songwriter/person I’ve ever heard, no joke.

You can catch Reptar at Bardot this Thursday night.

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