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Local Spotlight: Rich Kid Sound System

November 17th, 2011 -


The producer-rapper duo of Rich Kid Sound System answered some of our questions, and we’re delighted to share them with you! Their brew of high minded hip hop rhymes and unadulturated indie beats is chronically addicting. It will find its way into your ipod and before you know it ‘shuffle’ will turn into ‘skip-every-song-until-Rick-Kid-Sound-System’. It’s breezy jams like this that make you appreciate Florida. While the music reminds you of the lightheartedness of the beach life, the rhymes remind you of the fast paced city so close at hand. Rick Kid Sound System tells us about their inspirations and how their roots are shaping the music scene around us in SoFlo

Q (Rapper)
W0LFC0AT (Producer)

How long has RKSS been around for?

About a 1 year and a half two years. But Wolfcoat & Q have known and worked with each other since 2006.

For our unfortunate readers who haven’t heard you yet, can you describe your sound in your own words What does RKSS do for the south Florida music scene?

Q: So Unfortunate lol … Our sound is retro-futuristic its blends lofi Indie Electro sound scapes, with the grittiness of Hip Hop. We Hope that as far as the local scene goes, we can inspire to people think outside the box and speak about Miami from a different perspective.

WC: We try not to take ourselves to seriously but we try to fill the void where indie and hip-hop meet up. No Samples or Freestyles over Indie hooks. Its all Original.

How has South Florida affected RKSS?

Q: Miami is everything I know. I’m a native I’ve lived here my whole life and if you’ve ever been to any other city in the world you can tell growing up in Miami is unique. I love this City.

WC: I think, living down here, growing up so close to the water and the Ocean, surfing, and the lifestyle really shows up in our music. It feels good and makes you want to party.

What are some surprises, or milestones you’ve come upon as a band?

Q: Our first song we ever released (A Little Bit Of Time) making it to number 2 on hypem. Opening up for a crowd of 8,000 people inBuffalo, for B.O.B and Bruno Mars. And last but not least shooting our first music video for “Not Far From Home” with Derick G.

WC: The amount of attention we received from record labels opened our eyes to what we were on to. It kept us focused.
As an artist you have a responsibility to make something meaningful not just fill a spot on a blog. It feels like so many artists are just trying to do that, fill a spot on a blog.

Q: Well, people confuse us a lot of the time, Wolfcoat and I are actually a producer rapper duo. We create this music in the studio and then practice it with the band for our live show. Don’t get it confused though, we’re all still Rich KidSS. Oh yeah, and WolfCoat just got married! So Congrats to my big bro.

How do the lyrics come to you?

Q:We have a very free creative process, wolfcoat and I constantly call each other with ideas. Me ,myself I like to isolate myself and listen to the production on repeat and think up my raps. I don’t like to write lyrics down I feel it takes away from the emotion of it. I’ll lay a verse down listen to it wait a few days and see if it still has the same affect, for me music is about quality over quantity.

WC: Lyrics come to me in a combination of the following items: Peyote, Law&Order re-runs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and watching the Dolphins lose. Not in that order. Some things evoke more sadness than others.

Are they carefully prepared or more off-the-cuff?

Q: Sometimes they’re off the cuff, sometimes they’re thought about and edited a million times, but I’ll never tell.

WC: Yeah maybe its off the cuff for Q, but I’m doing all the editing. So, it’s carefully prepared on my end.

Can you make a rhyme for us right now about something within your reach?!

Q: Rhymes are always better heard than read.

WC: 0_o

If i was to get one of your lyrics tattooed, what would you recommend?

Q: No Cheers For Pioneers” – Get What You Give

WC: “Headstrong, Fearless, Reckless Because We’re Young” from our release “I Want It All”

Who is your musical crush?

Q: Lykke Li… She looked really sexy in that “get some” video. Not to mention her sound is dope as fuck.

WC: Kreayshawn. I really dig her musical accomplishments (Sarcasm)

Who or what do you draw inspiration from?

Q: I draw inspiration from everyone and everything. I’ve literally written songs based off of 20 minute long conversations with a person who has nothing to do with music or art. That and I love to read… constantly. At least four books a month its like food for your mind.

WC: I’m really inspired by foreign music producers.

What do you want the listeners out there to know?

Q: That though we may not drop a ton of material constantly, when we do drop music I promise for it to be the best quality, something fresh you can always expect from these Rich KidSS.

WC: Rick Kid Sound System will melt your face at every show haha. But seriously other than Recording we’re focused on bringing the best live show. No matter where we play!

And lastly, finish this sentence: Support local music…

Q: because theres plenty of undiscovered artist that deserve your ear.

WC: Because we don’t want to work regular jobs!

Upcoming shows

Tues 11/22  Jolt Radio & SFMO’s Local Shindig  @ Fox’s Lounge, Miami- FREE

Fri 12/9/11  Opening for Nappy Roots @ The Speakeasy Lounge in Lake Worth, FL




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