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Interview: Architecture In Helsinki

November 11th, 2011 -



Architecture In Helsinki is a band that has mastered every aspect of its distinction. There are voices wispy yet poignant. Their sound flows so naturally yet it surprises you, possibly from the sheer number of instruments involved in their production varying from drums and synthesizers to the glockenspiel and tuba. It’s a performance everyone should enjoy and later on tell their kids about. One of those, “when I was your age we had real music…” type stories. Come for yourself Friday night at Grand Central in Miami! We spoke with lead singer Cameron Bird for a bit of insight into their nucleus of inspiration

I’ve heard a lot of different theories about how you came across the name Architecture in Helsinki. Do you get weary of them asking you?
Cameron Bird- Yes haha, I’ve done hundreds of interviews, and I guess that’s the one thing about the internet, everyone’s got a say. They can say whatever they want

So can I just make up my own story for it?

Cameron- Of course! Haha I’d find that interesting, let’s see what you could come up with

How did all the band members come together?

Cameron- The 5 of us, some of us were friends while some of us met while in school.

Were you in school for music?

Cameron- Well, for art

So how did those skills transcribe into musical art?

Cameron- I think the fostering of creativity is what it is…I don’t necessarily even consider myself an artist, I’m always practicing, I just keep doing.

You guys have been around for awhile now, 10 years

Cameron- Ahh yes

What do you guys feel like when you listen to your earlier works?

Cameron- Well, I don’t necessarily listen to it…but when I hear it it’s not like embarrassment, we have grown, like when you look through your closet and see clothes from 10 years ago like “did I really wear that?”

For your recent music video ‘Contact High’, what were the thoughts behind that, it was a pretty odd video.

Cameron- Its basically telling us about the person and their confused of their sexual orientation. So he’s trying to figure that out.

What would you be doing now if it weren’t for Architecture in Helsinki?

Umm… playing Australian football

What can you tell us is the best part of being a musician?

Cameron- Well, to be able to do what you love, that’s what I do. And I make, I create, I love it. I just travel and play music

What is your least favorite type of music?

Cameron- I like a lot, but I don’t like anything fake. I like honest music, something that tells the truth. So if it’s fake I won’t like it

Do you play on learning any new sounds, or bringing anything new into the band?

Cameron- No, no, I think I’m good, I mean, we’re pretty happy with our sound right now.

Well we are too! And we are very excited to see you here in Miami on Friday! Thank you so much.
Cameron- I guess I’ll see you soon!

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