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Autumn Music Festival Review 11/12/11

November 21st, 2011 -

After finally finding this gem of a venue, I couldn’t help but park my car and run to the gates. An entire stadium? Of electronic music? All day? Even God was blessing this event. The weather was supreme, warm in the sun with a cool breeze. And I was hit with the worst case of A.D.D., schizophrenia and dizziness. The stadium and stages were set up in a circular pattern, so in whatever direction you walked you were heading away and toward music. Need help in the decision making process? Main Stage

Dj Xta-C is on, and so are the fire dancers, so what if its 4 in the afternoon. the crowd thats made it here are true lovers, lovers of each other for sure, but of electronic music. They were shuffling everywhere, I was shuffling everywhere! I didnt even know I could, but the environment was so up-building it sure seemed like I could. As that set came to a close we took a walk around to exasperate our ears. We ended up as the only two people in front of Ground Zero Crew and my feet stopped. As soon as those sound waves carried the bassline into my ear I turned into the worlds smallest rave party. Not for long. People would try and walk by but would be completely incapacitated. Their sense of hearing had seized control over the motor cortex of our brains and leaving this music was unimaginable. By the end of the set theres were an east 50 people, all giving no heed to the muscles in their neck as they swung, slammed and cradled their heads. And just as quickly they were done.

Collectively we migrated to the central stage where TVRock had just come on. The fire dancers are back and this time they have wings. Some ecstatic fans took it upon themselves to jump the barricade and be their own hype men. The crowd was very transient, yet constantly active. Like a tag-team. Now finally the headliner Bad Boy Bill puts his headphones on. What a legend, I don’t think these kids knew who they were listening to. They should Google him, find out about all the awards he’s been winning steadily since 1987 right here in Miami. His style is so transcendent, ever appealing. He uses new, even underground songs and sounds perfectly melded together with his vintage style scratching. From some ‘Cinema’, ‘Save The World’ ‘Ya Mama/ Push The Tempo’ with some gnarly breakdowns. Peoples eyes were rolling around, and I’m going to tell myself it was complete facial paralysis due to incomprehensibly beautiful music. People were picking up girls and putting them on their shoulders left and right. Thank you kind sir, but i’ll stay on the ground for this one. Because if i try and dance how this music is making me, atop your shoulders you’re liable to have a broken neck. As the crowd thinned the dancing just got more extroverted. There was some pop-locking, ballet , and this just move feeling that everyone had succumb to. And like a storytale, the clock struck 10:01 and it was all over. everyone started talking, laughing, introducing themselves and adding each other on Facebook. As I retraced my steps back to find my car I overheard everyone murmuring about next year. I’m ready

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