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Local Spotlight: The Deadly Blank

October 26th, 2011 -


The Deadly Blank

Eric Sanchez- Guitars
Andres Abreu- Drums
Craig Rittenhouse- Bass, Vocals

What’s the origin of your band name?

Craig: Our name is a public service announcement.

Eric: Use protection.

Craig: Yes. Unless you’re a fertility doctor, don’t try to diagnose yourself. Beware the deadly blank.

Tell us the brief history of your band.

Craig: Eric and I were friends and shared a girlfriend in middle school, so we figured that collaborating musically was a logical next step. Sometime in late ’98, we started a schizophrenic rock-jazz project that played out under several crappy names. Eric brought Andres in after our original drummer, Romulo, left to serve our country on the weekends. We spent the next decade forming and breaking up several bands together. A few years back, I fell off stage and landed in the corporate world, while Eric and Andres went off to make hits records for Mexico. By November of last year, we had forgotten what a pain in the ass being in a band together was, and the Deadly Blank was born.

Andres: I remember meeting Eric and Craig in the cafeteria of a juvenile detention center.

Eric: Well, um…yeah…. I met Andres at a music store in Hialeah called Music Magic. He was working there as the …honestly, I dont know what he did there. I think there was a vacuum cleaner he would pretend to use. He and I started jamming and playing in bands together sometime in the late 90′s.

How do you describe your music to people?

Andres: Dance rock.

Craig: In our bio, we describe our sound as ‘a happy marriage of vintage rock with modern roll’. You can also add, ‘an open, happy marriage willing to occassionally swing with other styles’.

Eric: We sound the way that promiscuous sex feels.

When you compose a song where do you get your ideas from, and how does a song evolve?

Craig: Lyrically, I have a fondness for writing an entire song based on a socially-unacceptable premise and disguising it to pass the censors. My lyrics are really all just perverted crap that rhymes. Otherwise, Eric wrote it.

Andres: Eric and Craig do most of the writing. I infuse the songs with dance-able beats and the results always kick my ass to play.

Craig: Recently, Andres dedicated himself to making people dance with his drumming. We supported this, especially since it was safer than his previous occupation, ninja-for-hire. It helped our sound evolve into what it is.

What can people expect from a live show visually and musically?

Eric: We really love groups from the 1960s British Invasion and bands like the New York Dolls, T-Rex, MC5, the Stooges. There’s also our secret desire to bring dancing back to rock & roll, with some blues mixed in.

Andres: Sonically, you can expect up-tempo, dance rock with comedy. Visually you’ll see two jumping, juggling guitar extraordinaires.

Craig: All of that, plus they can expect to have fun.

What’s your favorite song to play live?

Craig: “Inner Beauty”. It’s musically relentless from the first beat, lyrically perverted in a way that humors me and, in my opinion, the perfect example of what we want to do.

Eric: “Pick it Up” it’s got a great drum beat and my guitar part gives me blisters. Rock and roll should be a little dangerous.

Andres: “Inner Beauty” and the last song of the night. Doing all of that dancing on the drums tires me out.

What is your favorite venue to play in South Florida?

Craig: I’m especially partial to the cabaret in Tobacco Road, and the Monterey Club in Fort Lauderdale. My favorite rooms are the ones where the audience is close enough to steal your oxygen.

Eric: The more intimate the venue the better but, personally, I’ll play anywhere I can plug in my guitar amp. We’ve played some great parties at the Shack Annex in Hialeah, and The Stage in Midtown.

Andres: I like The Stage. The system sounds great and the engineers are attentive and knowledgable.

Finish this sentence. Support local music because…

Eric: ..if you don’t, you will miss out on great acts like the Chris Alvy Band, Dreaming in Stereo, Radioboxer, the Livesays, Brain Chips, Rebel, Falseta, Space Between Words, Avenida Zero, Lavola, Joel DaSilva, etc., the list goes on.

Craig: …it more than likely hasn’t been sanitised by a board of executive numbnuts before it reached your ears. Plus, a lot of it is as good as anything on the corporate grid. There are more great venues to hear live original music in Miami than I can recall there ever being at one time. The performance quality of the music is top-notch, and there really is an awesome local band around for practically every preference. In addition to the local bands Eric listed that deserve support, I would add ArtOfficial, Electric Piquette, Low Visibility, Stone Miller and the DRJ, Kill the Messengers, the Wholetones, Avenida Zero, Urban Rebel, DeRevo, Brand Name Punk, the Mirrors and then give up because I could go on all day. That’s what blogs like SFMO are for, generating awareness of all of this great music, and why we need to support them, too. feels good when you do.

Upcoming shows

Thursday, October 27- Best Buddies Benefit at The Stage, Miami
Friday, October 28- Tobacco Road (8PM)
Friday, October 28- Halloween Party at the Billiard Club, Miami Lakes (11PM)
Saturday, November 5 at Area 7, Oakland Park
Saturday, November 19 at the Monterey Club, Fort Lauderdale






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