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#Offline Festival @ Brooklyn Bowl Day 2

October 24th, 2010 -


Sun Airways |
Candy Claws |
Cloud Nothing |
Marine Stern |
Baths |
Tanlines |
How to dress well |
Glasser |
Deradoorian |
Zola Jesus |
Avey Tare 


Only in New York would there be a reputable music venue inside a bowling alley.

This is not a sketchy looking bowling ally either, each lane has a large leather plush couch, huge beer selection, and a pit for the concert.  Pitchfork had the right idea charging only $10 for an 12 hr festival. Not having been to CMJ before, I didn’t realize how inconvenient it would be to catch multiple shows all over the city in one day. #Offline could not have made it any easier.

Highlights:  Zola Jesus & then meeting her

Lowlight: Avey Tare’s sleepy DJ set

Unexpected highlights- Sun Airway, and Baths

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